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Code Generation, some announcements

Posted by Fernando Felman on March 10, 2009

there has been quite an uproar with code generations lately.

Two interesting announcements caught my attention. First, an announcement was made that the current asp.mvc uses the Visual Studio built-in T4 code generation to drive the scaffolding of the UI. That enables the modification of those templates to meet your unique requirements which is something I always wanted for the Proxy Generation of WCF.

Secondly, the Sculpture project reached version 1.0. This is a very interesting open source project for Model-Driven Development in .NET. In its core, it enables the usage of Molds to support different technologies throughout the range of layers. Here’s a list of Molds available to use in the latest version.

  • Database: SQL Server only
  • Data Access Layer: NHibernate, SubSonic, CSLA and the Data Application Block
  • Service Layer: WCF, Web Services and "just" libraries
  • User Interface, a huge range of molds including Web (ASP and ASP MVC), Windows (Windows forms and WPF) and Silverlight

This is an open source project, and with the notion of molds, I think that there’s huge potential for modifications and improvements, such as adding support for more databases. Definitely worth a closer look, and to start, I’d recommend watching the introduction video.


Code generation is not evil, but it has a risk of going extremely wrong. However, with added support from the development tool (e.g. partial classes) and much better tools out there, I think we ought to take a closer look into what code generations gives us. At the end of the day, if it reduces effort & time, I’ll take it!

Now we only have to see and wait what will Oslo bring to the DDD table with its own capabilities of code generations and extensions… Existing times!


One Response to “Code Generation, some announcements”

  1. Greg said

    Just wanted to say thanks for the msn merge software. It worked great!

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