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The wind of change

Posted by Fernando Felman on December 2, 2008

A fellow colleague mentioned this ultra-cool data centre run by one of the largest ISP in Sweden. How cool is it, you ask? It’s this cool:

Yeah, very cool. But what’s even cooler is that people are finally changing the rather silly perception they have about IT professionals. I mean, will you be surprised to see decorations and non-practical wow-factors added to a museum or a musical hall? No, you’d actually expect it to be so. And why’s that? I think it’s because we have this perception about artists that they’ll appreciate or at least be more tuned to this kind of stuff. IT professionals are usually perceived as pragmatic, "no nonsense" people so why bother adding decorations and other non-practical stuff?

Well, I for one, am very happy this is changing!


2 Responses to “The wind of change”

  1. Avner Kashtan said

    I think the major difference between data centers and museums is that museums are public places that people pay to visit, and are expected to provide an experience. Data centers are private places that house servers, and are not designed to provide an aesthetic experience to a steady stream of paying customers. I don’t think this has anything to do with public perception of IT professionals.

    You might bring up the completely unrelated question of whether places of employment should be functional and no-nonsense, or whether employers should care for their employees aesthetic sensibilitie and tender soul as well as their monthly paycheck. To that I will answer “yes”, but seeing as so many employers neglect such basic neccesities as proper ventilation, decent chairs and good food for their employees, I see “harmonious work environment” coming even lower in their list of priorities.
    And on a somewhat related note, here is a random blog post of mine from a few months back:

  2. Hey mate,
    Yeah, it’s always a delight to get your insight 🙂 and after reading your post I have to agree with you – there’s no perception around the IT professional in particular.

    I’d actually take your argument a bit further and say the expectation for public-facing facilities, public or other, is to be beautiful (in the meaning of the post in your blog) as being public implies an aesthetic function. Think of a facade or a reception area of an office as such examples. Using this argument I’d say there are some professions that are more probable to be working in a beautiful environment; however, IT professions are not in that lucky list.

    Actually, maybe the reason for building this data centre is to be a public facing area for the company. After all, the owner (an ISP) probably sells hosting services and such a place can be of great value as a marketing tool. Hmm….

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