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PLinq – Parallel Linq for multi-CPU environments

Posted by Fernando Felman on March 11, 2007

We all know about Linq – the next C# version object-querying integration language. One of the results of the Metaprogramming approach used by the Linq technology is that you can change the underlying implementation to support more features and capabilities, and doing so without the need to change the original code that is using Linq as a framework. One of such possible upgrades to the Linq infrastructure is PLinq, an internal Microsoft project to implement Parallel Linq targeting multi CPU environments. The PLinq project is explained briefly in Joe Duffy’s blog and on eWeek.

I’m very exiting about Linq. Not just because the domain-specific extensions like Linq to Xml and Linq to SQL allows developers to code the What rather then the How, but also because of the new Metaprogramming possibilities that the Linq infrastructure introduce: lambda, the Expression type for AST (abstract syntax trees) , anonymous types, etc. One very good example of how to use the Metaprogramming tools of C# v3 is Jafar Husain’s blog which explains how to use the Linq infrastructure for code generation.


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